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Who are We?

Atuqtuarvik Corporation is an Inuit investment company that was incorporated in 2000 to ensure direct Inuit participation in major economic opportunities in Nunavut.  We provide debt and equity financing to viable Inuit businesses for the purpose of start-ups, acquisitions and expansions.  The Corporation plays a key role in business development in Nunavut by providing risk capital and assisting Inuit businesses in leveraging funds from other sources.  In addition, we maintain a strategic investment in the First Nations Bank of Canada (FNBC).

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Since opening, we have supported the development of numerous business ventures throughout Nunavut in a variety of market sectors.  Through our success in providing loan and equity investments to Inuit businesses, we are playing a leading role in building a strong and self-sustaining Nunavut economy.

We recognize the importance of improving the quality of life in Nunavut through successful economic activity.  We help to do this by delivering the highest level of financial services and advice to our existing, and potential, clients.  We ensure client satisfaction by conducting our business with integrity, by being adaptable to the changing business environment and by planning proactively.