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Canadrill Ltd.

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As a local entrepreneur who grew up in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Cody Dean recognizes and acts upon opportunities in the business community.  Cody has a reputation for being humble, candid, honest, confident and effective.  These qualities, along with his entrepreneurial grit and positive attitude have propelled him forward as an established businessman in the construction industry.

When asked about the vision of his company, Canadrill Ltd., Cody illustrates a future of sustained growth, technological advances, efficient operations, Inuit engagement and healthy business relationships. He continuously emphasizes the importance of forming strategic partnerships and fostering these relationships. It is through these relationships that Cody was able to form his first company, Dean Utility Services Inc., and acquire his second business, Canadrill Ltd.

Dean Utility Services Inc. was established in response to a business opportunity in Nunavut’s capital, Iqaluit. Cody states that he couldn’t “be on the outside, looking in,” he needed to be fully involved. As a fresh and fully trained lineman, Cody formed a partnership with Valard Construction and obtained his first major contract. Following the success of this project, Cody reinvested the capital he earned and purchased Canadrill Ltd., a company which specializes in pile foundations. This considerable business decision was recommended by a mentor with substantial experience and commercial expertise.

Equipped with appropriate capital, a solid vision and suitable advice, Cody sought financing solutions for the acquisition of Canadrill Ltd. Atuqtuarvik Corporation provided the needed financing to help his business goals become a reality. Atuqtuarvik provided advice and encouraged him in his entrepreneurial efforts. The relationship that followed was built upon trust and mutual respect. In partnership, both Cody and Atuqtuarvik are contributing towards a healthy and growing business community in Nunavut. It also worth noting that Cody is employing Inuit youth who are undergoing apprenticeship training in specialized trades, such as welding, drilling and surveying. He is providing Inuit with opportunities for employment and leadership positions.

Cody Dean is a leading example of home-grown Northern talent. He has demonstrated his commitment to fostering healthy business relationships, seeking mentorship and advice, and investing in the skills of Inuit employees. By using his talents, being innovative and operating thriving businesses, Cody has become an important player in Nunavut’s growing economy.

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