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‘Partnerships’ is an important goal of Atuqtuarvik Corporation. Through the development of solid business and stakeholder partnerships, we are in a better position to broaden our presence and involvement in various industry sectors and in the public forum. We see partnerships as mutually beneficial. They give us the opportunity to increase our capability through our partners’ knowledge and influence. At the same time, we can provide our insight and experience to our partners.
There are “business partnerships” where the focus is to collaborate with similar businesses that will help enhance the service we can give to our clients and to Nunavummiut overall.  In this area, Atuqtuarvik Corporation has formed a strategic partnership with FNBC (First Nations Bank of Canada).  The scope of partnerships goes beyond business partnerships into the broader area of “community relations”.  We recognize the value of the corporation developing ties with community stakeholders.
As well, a Joint Venture Partnership with NCC Investment Group was established in 2010 - NCC/AC Industrial Park GP Limited - to capitalize on industrial storage opportunities that existed in Iqaluit. An important part of this partnership was that there was mutual respect and an established relationship between AC and NCC prior to beginning the process. It was agreed that AC would bring financing expertise, sound managerial practices, and controls to the partnership while NCC were established builders as well as a premier property management company in Nunavut.