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Atuqtuarvik Corporation Shares 20 Years of Success with Nunavut Communities


June 25, 2021 (Nunavut) - Atuqtuarvik Corporation is excited to be celebrating 20 years in business.  To mark this achievement, the Corporation, and its shareholder, NTI Economic and Social Initiatives Inc. (NESII), are pleased to donate $1,000 to each community in Nunavut to add to their Nunavut Day celebrations.

William Beveridge, Chairperson of Atuqtuarvik Corporation’s Board of Directors, stated, “It’s important for us at Atuqtuarvik Corporation to contribute to the celebration of our culture and the creation of Nunavut. We were established to help Inuit businesses be successful and Atuqtuarvik Corporation is a direct product of the creation of Nunavut. Helping to establish, grow and strengthen Inuit businesses is our success.” 

Atuqtuarvik Corporation has provided over $155M to Inuit businesses since opening in June 2000.  The Corporation’s success is reflected in the success of its clients.  Atuqtuarvik Corporation is also the largest shareholder in FNBC (the First Nations Bank of Canada) that has resulted in more accessible banking services to Nunavummiut.

Atuqtuarvik Corporation, an Inuit-owned investment company, was created by Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI) and Nunavut Trust and incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act.  Its mandate is to help ensure direct Inuit participation in economic opportunities by providing debt financing and equity investments to assist Inuit businesses in startups, acquisitions, and expansions.

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