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Nunavut based?

Eligible projects must be Nunavut based
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Inuit owned?

Is your company Inuit owned?
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How much?

Is the amount you're seeking between $150,000 and $3,000,000?

Welcome to Atuqtuarvik Corporation

We are seeking Inuit businesses with big ideas. Whether you are an existing business interested in expanding, considering the acquisition of a company or an entrepreneur ready to turn your dreams into reality, we are the financial partner you have been looking for.

Talk to us about your ideas! As a private, Inuit-owned business, Atuqtuarvik Corporation understands that taking a company to the next level can be challenging. We are committed to working closely with you and supporting you through the financing and investment process.

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A Northern Heart

In celebration of Atuqtuarvik's 20th Anniversary, we have created a book telling the story of our organization and its people.

A Northern Heart
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Success Stories

Jago Services Umingmak Lodge

Jago Services Umingmak Lodge

In the North, you must be adaptable; that is the reality in remote communities in Canada’s Arctic. You will find many people who become experts in more than one field as they expand their businesses to fulfill the needs of smaller populations. In the case of a company called Jago Services, based in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, it began as a plumbing, heating and electrical company in 2007. Jago Services continues to provide these essential trades to the construction industry, but the owners saw the need to expand.  The Company grew to include services for general…

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